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Becoming an entrepreneur during a pandemic

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

One of our biggest dreams, is to become our own boss. We want the pay, time off, freedom, and for some, an authoritative stance. We all know, that working a job is considered "at will" and at any moment, we could be terminated or furloughed. Unfortunately, A plethora of people learned this the hard way in March 2020, when the corona virus struck the world. For the average man and woman, they felt the effects of businesses closing, panic, chaos, fear, and financial ruin taking place.

People started scrambling to look for ways to make money and to sustain a life that they were so content with. With skepticism and anger lingering in the atmosphere, many of us started realizing that the government could not be relied upon, so, we started taking matters into our own hands. We looked at ways of building online e-commerce websites and other means of financial gain and sustainability. Online platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc, were all great networking opportunities to learn from business owners and people already thriving in a downed economy.

These people were helpful enough to give their secrets to winning in a world that was at a standstill. From that point on, many Americans such as myself, started doing research, watching videos, downloading courses etc, and applying what was learned. I can honestly say, that I did have my doubts; but taking time to actually learn how to create a website, domain name, LLC, etc, put me in position to motivate people to stay in shape, eat healthy, tap into their creative side, learn as much as they could, and to think with numerous perspectives. Me being an army veteran, I knew all too well about resiliency and never quitting.

I always put inspirational quotes up on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so that when anyone sees it who may be down and having a rough time, could remember that everything was going to be alright. I would often encourage people to check out certain peoples pages, because I knew that they would get the help that they were looking for in starting their businesses. No matter what, always strive to become the best version of yourselves especially during times of uncertainty. Once you realize that you are legitimately mentally, physically, and emotionally strong, you will become financially strong and more susceptible to success and prosperity. Without further ado, I hope I can inspire you all to become the best person you can possibly be. Welcome to MotivationalGems💎.

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